Santa Barbara-based EventPRO has more than 25 years of experience in researching, promoting and organizing running & endurance sports. From start-to-finish, our team provides Big Picture strategy and comprehensive event, media, marketing & PR operational guidance & support for events, organizations and campaigns.

With unparalleled service and attention-to-detail, our main objectives are to enhance, augment and amplify your event & media operations, to help properly frame the event, campaign or theme and to increase the regional & national footprint for our clients. EventPRO also targets the appropriate endemic and non-endemic media throughout the process to maximize engagement, coverage and “buzz”.

EventPRO will consult on a range of areas including, but not limited to media operations, branding, quality control and online & print marketing as well as advertising, sponsorship, feedback & crisis management and also serve as a one stop, unmatched resource for our clients to produce tangible, rise above the crowd results.

We also connect our clients with best-in-class partners to support some of our services or requests.

Our Services

Big picture strategy, quality control & branding

No part of your Public Relations, Marketing and Advertising efforts can successfully be worked on in silos or worse as one-off “jobs”. We maintain a budget friendly minimum retainer, which on its own provides a number of invaluable services so that we can intimately get to know your event inside and out, allowing us to be an efficient team member saving you time and money on our wide range of services.

Public Relations

In our industry, public relations is an often overlooked or underappreciated piece of your event’s puzzle, while major sports and large event groups strategically adopt PR strategies to rise above the rest. Going beyond just the basic press release, we start with PR as a window into your overall event strategy to drive a larger share of voice locally, regionally and nationally providing valuable earned media exposure for your event, sponsors and participants.

  • Press release development, editing & distribution
  • National media outreach & pitches with successful major media placements (contact us for examples)
  • Press conference and related events development
  • Media guide & collateral copy development and editing
  • Crisis management


Communicating effectively to your audience is the single most important thing you can do to sustain your event well into the future. Finding new audiences while speaking to your existing base will allow you to continue to grow in an endurance sports industry environment that is more competitive than ever.

  • Marketing campaign development
  • Email marketing review & list development
  • Email campaign development & distribution
  • Social platforms, management & metrics: Facebook, Instagram & Twitter


Do you know how much you are spending per registered participant? Are you reaching the right audiences and on the right websites? We work with you to understand what has worked in the past, where you can grow and how online advertising effectively can lower costs, while reaching more people.

  • Facebook advertising
  • Google advertising
  • Additional online ad placements & calendar listings


There is nothing more exciting than race weekend. From media management to announcing and even getting elite athletes to your starting line we can complement your team so that you can focus on operations and celebrating each and every finisher.

  • Media management & support
  • Announcing & MCing
  • Quality control
  • Customer service support
  • Crisis management

Sponsorship Development

One of the most frequently asked questions from clients is “How can I obtain more sponsorship dollars?” There’s no easy answer here, but we believe great relationships begin first and foremost with your own internal efforts to cultivate strong relationships locally, regionally and/or nationally. Where we help is providing you the “stuff” you need to seal the deal - industry data, event analytics, professionally designed collateral and more.

  • Analytics & insights
  • Sponsor brochure development & editing



We provide comprehensive design, editing & quality control services to make sure your brand is professional, and moreover, your website is setup behind the scenes to maximize your exposure on search engines and news feeds.

  • Website development (see examples of Our Work)
  • Website editing & quality control
  • Custom social content (posts/hashtags) embed blocks for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube & Medium
  • Custom leaderboards for records, legacy runners and more


We can work with the best event registration and survey platforms out there to suit your needs, but there may be cases where you’d like your own custom registration form for participants, volunteers, sponsor inquiries, you name it. We can do that as well as connect all the dots from customized email notifications to syncing with your email marketing lists and more.

  • Custom event registration including customer service support
  • Custom volunteer registration
  • Custom sponsorship, participant surveys or other forms

Elite Athletes

Whether you have an existing program or you’re looking to create one, we can help you craft a program that athletes will love as well as giving you the best bang for your buck. EventPRO works with elite athlete coordinators on both the east coast & west coast.

  • Program development
  • Recruitment
  • On-site management
  • USATF Rules of the Road
  • Anti-doping consultation

We are EventPRO, your support team. Let's talk!